Medical products and processes rely on consistent, accurately formed components so that healthcare workers can safely provide critical services. Everything from surgical implants to laboratory equipment requires parts that provide reliable performance and present the lowest possible risk of infection or contamination to patients and employees. 

At TPC Converting, we offer comprehensive converting services to produce tapes, films, foams, and more that comply with the medical industry’s high standards for quality and safety. Learn more about our services to support our medical customers, industry standards, and examples of our products with medical applications.

Overview of Our Converting Services for the Medical Industry

Our expert team provides a range of services and medical-grade materials to help clients simplify their supply chain and production management processes. Our medical production capabilities include:

  • Die cutting. Die cutting generates high volumes of uniform parts with precision. It also allows for customized part profiles, rapidly cutting, shearing, and otherwise forming unique designs. We also have capabilities for laser cutting.
  • Laminating.Our expert team can add adhesive layers, release liners, and overlaminates for additional strength to produce the optimal layer build for your medical application.
  • Rapid prototyping. So that you can test and approve prototypes in a timely manner, the TPC team can assist with the rapid manufacturing of pre-production prototypes.
  • Sheeting and stacking. Our advanced sheeting and stacking equipment can process rolls as wide as 84 inches with no length restrictions for materials like film, foam, tape, and paper.
  • Slitting and rewinding. Creating smaller rolls of adhesive products with precision, TPC uses cutting-edge slitting and rewinding technology to produce rolls in virtually any length and width with tight tolerances.

Key Standards for Medical Products

At TPC, we ensure that our processes and the products we create for the medical industry all meet certain necessary quality and safety standards. Some of the key manufacturing best practices and standards that we adhere to include:

  • Cleanroom usage. Cleanrooms are controlled environments that manufacturers use to keep in-process goods safe from microbes, dust, and other particles. U.S. Federal Standard 209E helps designate the class of a cleanroom based on the number of airborne particulates within the space.
  • ISO 9001. This standard establishes the requirements for a quality management system (QMS). With criteria determined by the International Organization for Standardization, companies can receive ISO 9001 certification should their products and processes consistently meet regulatory standards and customer requirements. At TPC, we are an ISO 9001:2015-certified business.
  • ISO 14001. This ISO standard sets the criteria for an environmental management system (EMS), offering a framework of best practices for sustainable operations and reduced waste whether we’re manufacturing for the medical industry or any other market.

Medical Products We Offer

TPC manufactures a wide range of products for our medical industry customers. Our products have common applications in medical and wearable devices, wound care, and health and beauty goods. These products include:

  • Gasket foam
  • Protective film
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Bonding, masking, and mounting tapes
  • High bond and acrylic foam bonding tapes
  • Decals
  • Medical flexible material

Medical Converting Services From TPC Converting

For over half a century, the TPC team has provided converting solutions to clients in diverse industries. We utilize our precision medical die-cutting capabilities along with rapid prototyping, custom automation, adhesive engineering, and an array of value-added services to support clients in the medical industry with tight-tolerance products.

Our team partners with companies that manufacture medical devices as well as wound and skin care products in this industry. We start the process with our design engineers, who assist in the development of prototypes that you can utilize for testing and pre-production approval. At the manufacturing stage, TPC can achieve multi-depth cuts with an engineered steel die or a high-powered laser. Our medical die-cutting process is compatible with a number of substrates, such as adhesives, tapes, films, foils, foams, plastics, and paper. 

Contact us today by email or at 1-800-582-2049 so that one of our team members can answer any questions you have on our medical converting products and services.