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  1. How Die Cut Materials Are Used in Automotive Manufacturing

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    Precision die cutting is used to produce a wide variety of automotive components to improve the comfort, reliability, efficiency, and safety of vehicles. Offering improved flexibility and customizability, die cut materials are used in everything from EV batteries and noise reduction components to heat shielding and electronics. Keep reading to learn more about the various applications of die cut materials in the automotive industry.

    EV Battery Materials

    Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers rely on quality adhesives, tapes, and encapsulation materials to secure batteries in place and protect them from the elements. At TPC Converting, we design EV battery adhesives and tapes specifically to meet the rigors of EV operation. They can be used to provide superior adhesion, insulation, and structural support for nearly any kind of EV battery.

    Based on our customers’ needs, we offer the following precision die cut materials for EV batteries:

    • Cell-to-cell bonding
    • Thermal runaway protection
    • Compression pads
    • Pack seal and gasketing
    • Thermal interface materials (TIMs)
    • Cell wrapping
    • Flexible busbar adhesives
    • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film material encapsulation

    Bonding, Joining, and Fastening

    For some automotive applications, die cut adhesive materials can be used in lieu of mechanical fasteners. They offer a lightweight alternative that can improve aesthetics, reduce both bulk and weight, maximize the longevity of sensitive vehicle components, and reduce assembly costs.

    Common bonding, joining, and fastening applications where precision die cut adhesive products can be used in place of mechanical fasteners include:

    • Nameplate and emblem attachment
    • Exterior and interior trim attachment
    • Air and fluid management systems
    • Thermal management
    • Interior and exterior electronics
    • Structural components
    • Weatherstripping
    • Rear-view mirror and camera attachments
    • Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) reduction

    Noise Reduction

    Die cut parts are commonly used to manufacture acoustic insulation materials that dampen sound and vibrations for a more comfortable, quiet driving experience. The experts at TPC can custom die cut noise reduction materials based on your unique specifications, ensuring they fit seamlessly into the various components of the vehicle.

    Precision die cutting can be used to produce the following types of noise-reduction materials:

    • Foam pads for consoles and dashboards
    • Felt strips for interior trim pieces
    • Acoustic insulation for flooring and doors
    • Gaskets and seals for windows and doors
    • Sound-deadening solutions for speaker enclosures
    • Adhesive-backed foam tape for securing components that may vibrate
    • Anti-squeak strips for window and door frames
    • Vibration dampeners for engine components
    • Rubber bumpers that reduce rattling in moving components

    Heat Shielding

    Engines and other automotive components create heat while in operation. If improperly managed, this heat can transfer to other areas of the vehicle and cause various issues. For example, both premature seal and gasket failure and interior overheating can result from exposure to excessive heat over long periods of time.

    TPC Converting offers die-cut heat shields for various applications, including:

    • Floorboards
    • Starters
    • Fuel lines
    • Firewalls


    Die cut materials are often used to protect sensitive vehicle electronics from moisture, heat, and other harsh environmental factors. Common applications include:

    • Seals and gaskets for wire harnesses to prevent the entry of moisture, dust, and other contaminants from entering cables and wires
    • Pressure-sensitive films and tapes to hold wiring and components in place, preventing movement or vibration
    • Thermal gap pads, interface components, and other thermal management solutions that facilitate heat dissipation
    • Electrical insulating materials for mirror backings and other applications
    • Surface protection films that prevent scuffs, scratches, and other damage to delicate parts during transportation and installation
    • RFI and EMI shielding materials
    • Flexible graphite and other heat-spreading materials for touch screens and electronic displays
    • Low-emission adhesive tapes for attaching electronic components to automotive surfaces

    Paint & Coating Maskings

    Historically, masking techniques for automotive paint and coating applications involved manually cutting tape pieces by hand. This is a labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive process.

    Precision die cut adhesive tapes dramatically simplify the process while increasing its efficiency and accuracy. The result is a repeatably flawless paint or coating application.

    Contact TPC Converting for Automotive Die Cutting Services

    If you want to benefit from top-quality precision die cutting solutions for your automotive application, TPC Converting offers a range of products and solutions. We custom-tailor every solution, whether you need tapes, labels, films, or other die cut materials.

    For more information about our custom die cutting capabilities, or to get started on your custom automotive solution, contact TPC Converting today.