TPC Converting Overview

Leveraging new ideas

  • Founded in 1967. We are an organization that has been in business for over half a century and through that time worked with thousands of customers and their applications. We bring to you the experience that provides new ideas to overcome bottlenecks and improve efficiencies and throughput.
  • Staying Current in the Newest Technologies. Our team members are trained consistently to always be kept up to date with the latest trends in packaging and products being introduced into the marketplace. We offer a trusted source of knowledge that will provide you the solution to best package, protect, and assemble your product.
  • An Innovative Approach. Our sales force takes a united approach with our customer, encouraging innovative ideas that better serve specific needs for each and every single one of our customers/partners.

Committed to being a valued partner

  • Production Uptime is Key. At TPC we understand that an extended pause in your production line is money down the drain. Through production line time studies and analysis, you can trust our team of experts to assist you in analyzing your current processes and providing a solution that will eliminate downtime, improve your efficiency, and reallocate labor to where it helps you the most.
  • A Trusted Partnership. No two customers are alike, and that’s why our team members are driven to presenting you with the best solution for your unique application. We have created a “best in class” customer service team that works to understand your organization’s needs and offers you value added services such as customer specific inventory and just in time delivery.
  • Established Manufacturer Relationships. We value the bonds we have created over our many years in business with our vendor partners. Suppliers such as 3M, Adhesive Applications, Duraco, Intertape, Pregis Polymask, Saint-Gobain, Scapa, Shurtape, and Tesa allow us to bring you a solution that will raise your efficiencies and eliminate downtime.

Delivering optimized solutions

  • Optimized Solutions. Versatile and Value Added. Time studies, in-house product testing, and virtual or in person demonstrations are just some of the many ways we can assist you in finding the right solution to optimize your processes. We can also provide an ROI statement that helps you understand how quickly our solution will pay for itself.
  • Service and Downtime Prevention. Our service network is manufacturer trained and, on the road, ready to provide you with installation, repair, and training when you need it. Our focus is to provide a trusted partner dedicated to minimizing downtime within your production facility.