When manufacturers receive master rolls of tape, foam, paper, plastic film, and other materials from suppliers, the products typically come in large spools that aren’t convenient for handling.

TPC Converting provides a range of converting services that include precision slitting and rewinding. These processes allow us to convert those large rolls of material into smaller, easier-to-manage spools with specific dimensions for each unique application. Utilizing our advanced machinery and commitment to innovation, we perform highly efficient precision slitting and rewinding to support various industrial packaging applications.

What Is Precision Slitting & Rewinding?

The precision slitting process involves cutting a master roll of material into non-standard widths. One slitting method is lathe slitting, or log slitting. Without unwinding the material, machinery can slice the entire master roll into narrow widths for packaging or subsequent processing, utilizing compressive force to exceed the tensile strength of the material. Depending on the cutting tool the slitting machinery uses, there are shear, score, and razor slitting options.

Another method is rewind slitting. Precision slitting can pair with rewinding processes, which involve unwinding the material from the master roll before cutting it to the desired size. Once it’s cut, rewinding equipment can then rewind the material onto a new, custom-sized spool core. Rewinding equipment is capable of creating more than one cut at a time for rewinding onto varying spool widths.

The benefits of precision slitting include:

  • More customization. Most master rolls come in lengths and widths that are not practical for automated machinery or manual handling methods. Precision slitting processes slice long rolls of material into custom dimensions, appropriately sizing it for the intended application.
  • Easier handling. In their original format, rolls of plastic film and other materials can weigh hundreds of pounds. The precision film slitting process reduces these large, bulky rolls into smaller sizes that are easier to handle and transport.
  • Speed and precision. The right equipment can cut large rolls quickly with exceptional accuracy and repeatability that, in turn, allow for large-volume production and reduced turn times.
  • Cost and material savings. Cutting materials into custom sizes helps to reduce waste and conserve materials for cost-efficiency.
  • Fewer spool changes. Custom sizing allows manufacturers to fit spool size to an application, which means fewer roll changes and continuous production in automated machinery.

Precision Slitting & Rewinding Industries & Applications

Many industries use precision slitting and rewinding services to obtain custom-sized rolls of material for specific types of equipment or specialized products. For example, the automotive industry uses precision slitting and rewinding to create narrow rolls of thermoplastic material for weatherstripping applications. Also, the food and beverage industry commonly uses slitting and rewinding to prepare custom-sized rolls of plastic film for packaging or labeling uses.

Other industries that rely on slitting and rewinding include:

  • Aerospace
  • Appliance
  • General industrial
  • Printing
  • Shipping and packaging
Jumbo Slitting and Rewinding

Precision Slitting & Rewinding Services at TPC Converting

At TPC, our precision slitting and rewinding equipment allows us to split master rolls into non-standard widths to suit individual applications. To ensure precise dimensions, tight tolerances, and clean-cut edges, we fine-tune each slitting operation based on how your specific material will interact with the blades and machinery. This includes carefully adjusting each setup parameter and ensuring that we use the proper tools.

In general, our process involves:

  • Unwinding the material from the master roll
  • Passing the material through a series of sharp blades to achieve the desired width
  • Rewinding the cut material onto smaller, more manageable rolls for easier handling and transport

Alternatively, we provide lathe slitting services, in which slitting equipment spins and slices the master roll into narrower sizes without unwinding. Our versatile process allows us to cut rolls into a range of widths to accommodate various converting operations through foam, paper, plastic film, and tape slitting.

Slitting and rewinding processes are essential for precisely and quickly converting large rolls of material into more manageable sizes. With over 55 years of experience in our industry, TPC has become a leading supplier of unique packaging solutions for a range of industrial sectors. With precision slitting and rewinding, cutting, spooling, adhesive laminating and coating, printing, and finishing converting capabilities at our disposal, we have the skills and expertise to create customized solutions for nearly any industrial packaging operation. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality converting services that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.

For more information about our precision slitting services and other converting capabilities, please contact us today or browse our converting services page.