TPC Converting offers superior converting services for customers in the building and construction industry. These services include:

  • Rapid Prototyping. Our rapid prototyping services enable us to provide sample parts and materials with an extremely fast turnaround.
  • Custom Automation. We offer customized automation solutions to streamline your converting services.
  • Laser Cutting. Our precision laser cutting services enable us to cut materials to the right size and shape with tight tolerances.
  • Tool-less Production. Avoid high tooling costs with tool-less production processes.
  • Printed Products. We offer a range of printing services to create products with various colors and visual effects.
  • Adhesive Engineering. With our adhesive engineering services, we can apply adhesives to nearly any substrate to meet the needs of various projects.

To ensure we can deliver high-quality products and services for the building and construction industry, all of our services are ISO 9001-certified. We’ll help you develop the right solution that meets your requirements.

Our Building & Construction Converting Material Capabilities

We offer various products and services for customers in the building and construction Industry. Our capabilities include:

Protective Film

Our protective films serve as a moisture barrier and protect surfaces from a range of environmental conditions. In the building and construction industry, our protective films can protect windows, metals, appliances, countertops, and more from dust and splatter that may occur during demolition and installation processes.

Mounting Tapes

Mounting tape works well in both high and low temperatures and offers an efficient way to replace metal fasteners. Common applications include carpet installation, attaching wall insulation, installing moldings, and more.

Bonding Tapes

This strong and versatile solution is used in various applications to replace welds, rivets, and other fasteners with concentrated stress points. This industrial tape works by spreading the stress load evenly across the bonding area as opposed to a specific point.

Masking Tapes

Masking tape can protect construction surfaces from spatter and dust during installation, demolition, and painting processes.

Gasket Foam

Gasket foam offers a versatile solution that provides excellent bonding and barrier capabilities, making it a popular choice for construction and building applications. To meet the needs of your project, we can die cut gasket foam from materials such as SRP, silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, and Polyurethane.

Die Cutting

Construction die cutting entails cutting specific shapes from sheets or rolls of material using a specialized press and cutting die.


Our coating and laminating capabilities allow us to apply adhesives to almost any type of substrate. This means we can produce custom adhesives to suit your specific construction project. We can laminate adhesives to both or one side, and we can create custom adhesive patterns on various materials.


Slitting involves cutting a master roll of material into non-standard and narrower widths based on individual project requirements, allowing for more efficient transport and handling.


Before finalizing a solution, we can provide customers with prototypes using high-quality sample parts and materials to determine whether the product meets their needs.

Sheeting and Stacking

We provide customers with the means to accurately and efficiently stack their sheeter output. This allows you to stack all types of difficult materials and lengths. Additionally, our indexing conveyor enables you to further minimize downtime when changing out stacks.

Applications of Our Building & Construction Products

Many applications in the building and construction industry can benefit from our products. Examples include:

  • Protective films:  Construction surface protection for countertops, carpets, paint, windows, and HVAC ducts.
  • Gasket foam: Weather stripping, door gasketing, sound insulation, gap filling, and sealing strips.
  • Mounting tape: Flooring installation, vapor barriers, attaching insulation, temporary mounting, and molding installation.
  • Shrink wrap: Scaffolding, temporary windows/doors, environmental control, and containment.
  • High bond and acrylic foam bonding tapes: Bonding commercial door and window systems, glass panels, and canopy or skylight systems.

Benefits of Our Building & Construction Converting Materials

Across many industries, including building and construction, business owners continue to discover the benefits of outsourcing many tasks to improve efficiency and help them focus on growing their businesses. Outsourcing converting offers multiple benefits when working with the right partner, including:

  • Lower equipment and labor costs
  • Increased flexibility of manufacturing, including conversion from prototype to rollout
  • Improved durability, quality, and functionality by using superior materials
  • Increased productivity by enabling in-house staff to focus on core competencies

How to Select a Custom Converting Partner

When looking for a custom converting partner, look no further than TPC Converting. We offer custom solutions for customers in the building and construction industry using the best available materials and equipment. To maintain quality across our product and service offerings, we back our solutions with ISO 9001 certification and top-of-the-line equipment, with the ability to provide multi-layer construction and various finishing options.

Our process from initial contact begins with a request for quote, followed by the design and production process. Reach out to us today to get started on your next custom solution.