Over the past decade, electric vehicles (EVs) have become an increasingly formidable force in the automotive market. As the influence of green technology continues to affect the automotive sector, several reputable, large-scale OEMs have announced their plans to discontinue gas-powered vehicles and produce only EVs by 2035.

As a result of this massive market shift, EV batteries are becoming more and more critical for automotive manufacturers. An electric vehicle battery must be properly secured and encapsulated using specialized materials to reduce flammability, increase dielectric strength, and provide protection from adverse environmental conditions. As an industry-leading expert in packaging, TPC Converting offers a wide selection of quality EV battery tapes, adhesives, and encapsulants.

Our Tapes & Adhesive Solutions for EV Batteries

Electric vehicle battery manufacturers depend on high-quality tapes, adhesives, and encapsulation materials to hold electric car batteries in place and protect them from the elements. TPC’s EV battery tapes and adhesives are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of EV battery operations while providing optimal insulation, adhesion, and structural support. Our capabilities include:

Cell-to-Cell Bonding

Illustration Courtesy of Avery Dennison
Illustration courtesy of Avery Dennison © 2021

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, both single- and double-sided, are an excellent way to ensure the structural integrity of your EV battery pack. With a variety of tape designs, including dielectric and flame-retardant designs, you can safely and securely bond battery cells together, for safe and reliable battery operation.

Compression Pads

Compression pads protect EV battery cells from vibration and impact caused by EV motion. Electric car battery manufacturers surround pouch and prismatic battery cells with foam compression pads by placing them between each cell using pressure-sensitive tapes.

Thermal Runaway Protection

Electric vehicle battery suppliers must adhere to strict industry standards and regulations concerning thermal runaway protection. To protect against thermal runaway, flame-retardant adhesives and single- or double-coated filmic tapes bond materials such as ceramic fiber and mica to UV battery cells.

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)

Thermal interface materials (TIMs) are bonded to heat sink or chiller plate materials to facilitate heat transfer and promote EV battery temperature regulation. Our flame retardant adhesives as well as our silicone- or acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesives offer excellent adhesion to TIMs to ensure optimal heat transfer.

Pack Seal & Gasketing

Tight seals within gasket assemblies are crucial for safe and reliable electric car batteries. Our selection of foam tapes, both pressure-sensitive and heat-activated, allows you to create a dependable seal that bonds closely to EV battery components to prevent the intrusion of water, fluids, and particulate matter.

Flexible Busbar Adhesives

Many EV battery assemblies incorporate flexible printed circuits. Our double-coated and flame-retardant adhesive solutions protect busbars by providing electrical insulation and flame resistance.

Electrical Insulation

EV batteries consist of cells that must be insulated to protect components from stray electrical current and electromagnetic interference. Using dielectric films, single- and double-sided tapes can be applied directly to components or used to attach foam compression pads and other materials for added insulation.

Cell Wrapping

EV battery cells can be wrapped in single- or double-coated tapes that incorporate dielectric films to protect sensitive components from electrical currents.

PET Film Material Encapsulation for EV Battery Applications

Encapsulating cell to cell foam or insulation reduces the effects of vibration, shock, moisture, corrosion, and chemical solvents. It also helps with thermal runaway, heat transfer, flame reduction, and electrical insulation. Polyester or polyethylene terephthalate (also known as PET film) is particularly valued for its ability to meet critical industry standards for flammability and dielectric properties.

While many EV battery protection manufacturers offer tapes and adhesives, few provide the in-house PET film encapsulation offered by TPC. With a wide array of die-cutting and fabrication equipment, our in-house capabilities allow us to convert a wide range of materials to create encapsulants and one-side heat sealable films for prototyping and production that meet and exceed UL 94 V-0 flammability and ASTM D3755 dielectric specifications.

EV Battery Tapes, Adhesives, and Encapsulation at TPC Converting

At TPC Converting, we implement cutting-edge technology and modern materials to create tape, adhesive, and encapsulation solutions that meet even the most stringent EV battery standards. With over half a century of expertise, we have the knowledge necessary to provide you with custom packaging for every application. To learn more about our packaging solutions for EV batteries, contact us today.