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How Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Play a Crucial Role in the E-Mobility Space

The automotive industry has relied on pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes for decades. The shift to electric mobility (e-mobility) and other advancements in the automotive sector have made PSA products more critical than ever due to their strength, functionality, and versatility.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives can improve the dielectric strength, reduce the flammability, and optimize the design of e-mobility components. These properties support the industry’s goals of cutting costs, minimizing charging times, improving safety, and enhancing driving range.

Learn more about the benefits of PSA tapes for e-mobility.

Improve Safety

One of the main advantages of using PSA materials in the automotive industry is the ability to support safety, which is a top priority especially in EV battery manufacturing operations. Lithium-ion batteries are flammable and must be assembled and packaged correctly. Otherwise, they can pose a risk to drivers and passengers, potentially leading to low consumer confidence in EVs and costly recalls.

It’s possible to mitigate these risks through the use of PSA tapes that work specifically for EV batteries. Tape materials like silicone, rubber, and acrylic offer protection against thermal runaway and other fire hazards. They also comply with regulations around flammability, such as UL 94 VTM-0.

PSA products are compatible with many materials and cell types. As single components, pressure-sensitive tapes do not require mixing nozzles or the additional processing time of other adhesive solutions. Individual battery cells and pouch cells can be wrapped in PSA tapes and compression pads to protect them against vibration and impacts. The insulation and protection of these EV battery adhesives prevent damage during charging and discharging. Acrylic foam tapes may also be used as gaskets, due to their ability to form a watertight seal.

Support Thermal Interface Materials

Another advantage of pressure-sensitive adhesives is the ability to support thermal interface materials (TIMs), which are key components in EV batteries as they allow for efficient heat transfer. When attached to chiller plates or heat sinks, TIM adhesives will help cool battery cells and modules.

Examples of viable PSA solutions here would include high wet-out adhesives that reduce the thermal impedance between the system’s heat source and the TIM. Other solutions could include:

  • Flame-retardant PSA materials
  • Acrylic adhesives for use with non-silicone materials
  • Silicone-based PSAs for silicone materials

Boost Manufacturing Efficiency

PSA tapes also increase the efficiency of manufacturing for various products, including gaskets, cell-to-cell bonding, electrical insulation, and compression pads. Specifically, tape adhesives for batteries improve the manufacturing efficiency of cell-to-cell bonding by forming high-strength bonds with speed and ease. Automated tape applicators, such as those available from TPC Converting, further improve production efficiency for e-mobility components.

Additionally, unlike other types of adhesive materials, PSA tapes offer instant curing to create a fast, strong solution ideal for both bonding and assembly. As a result, manufacturers can substitute mechanical fasteners with tapes, which are more lightweight, thin, and easily repositioned.

Another potential application for PSA tapes is bonding flexible bus bars, forming a durable bond with flame resistance and sufficient insulation.

Reduce Noise

Another key concern for EV component manufacturers is reducing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). PSA tapes can help with this by reducing rattling, squeaking, and buzzing in various parts of the vehicle.

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